Vintage models faithful to the original
Dexter Firenze
In the brand DEXTER is concentrated the passion for vintage and the long professional experience of 40 years in the fashion clothing sector. its creator, Marco Meacci.
Lover of retro taste, passionate about history, especially military, and jazz music (the name DEXTER comes from the famous saxophonist Dexter Gordon ...), his line of clothes is designed for those who, like him passionate about the vintage genre, want to own a garment like the original but also reproduced in different materials and above all modeled to adapt with a better fit to the physical structure of modern man.
The garments DEXTER are directly inspired by military and workwear of the last century, from the early 1900s to the 60s, preserving, with the utmost care, the details of the originals, such as seams, pockets, buttons and linings, trying to respect the cut and shape but improving the fit and making more modern comfort.
As for the models, also the fabrics and processes are the result of careful research : the fibers of the fabrics used are always natural, devoid of synthetic elements as much as possible and production takes place in small local laboratories, located in the Tuscan territory, for a strictly "MADE IN ITALY" production.